Stop with the worries

Constantly have something ,who troubling you and it does not allow you to enjoy the life. Whether you regret for something, or you must take an important decision, whether you have a problem with self-esteem or feel anxiety about the future on the whole … the black thoughts are with you day and night. How to help yourself?

First you must to begin thinking about the worries in a new way. Purposefully you must to try to remove the worries out of your life. Ask yourself: About what serves me this anxiety? Does this anxiety helps on the problems to disappear? Or deepens them? Instead of worrying – think for solutions. Take matters into your own hands. Think of the most sober of ways to deal with the situation. Consider what are the steps to solve the problem and today you can do the first one! On the other hand the unknown can be fun. Accept the unknown, which offers life for something positive. Think of it as a good thing, because if we know everything about tomorrow, our life would be insanely boring.

Think of all the things ,for who you are worry long time, without having had need. And do not forget the beautiful Bulgarian proverb: “Every evil – for good.”

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