Happiness in the our lifes

One would have thought that people can be of one mind about some things. Not things like whether the sandwich is delicious or disgusting, or whether pants Charleston are ingenious fashion whim or fashion crime. I talk about stuff like that, for example, what is to be happy.

Of course, this question requires a lot of thinking. But the smile is a sign of happiness ,which is universal. It follows that we must be of one mind about the happiness because it is a reason to live. It is certain that happiness depends on many things over which we have little or no control – the availability of food and water, the love of friends and family or avoid crimes and misfortunes. Even today some of these things are not granted, and the rest have always threatened us be withdrawn. Thinking about happiness as such does not make you happy. Just as learning does not make you necessarily wise. Directing too much attention to the happiness makes it much more difficult achievable. People have goals, not to be happy, but because they find meaning in life and therefore pursue their goals. Then, after achieving their goals, they are happy.

So we do not have to think constantly about the happiness. Happiness are found by accident. But randomness is created by life.

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