How waste our time

It is a art ,man to know how properly allocate their time to deal with everything. Especially for working woman several things, including household chores, children and family. Here’s what I found that eats up my time.

Firstly this is all ,who defocused me. There are very few things that can save time. These are usually those who we do instinctively, without thinking. For example – I can to wearing a mask on my face, to wash dishes and listening to music. If I start writing, however, and my coffee finished and in the same time my phone rings – the work happen complicated. So I make another coffee, I check someone else is there need something , I mute the phone and announce that in the next hour I have work. For this I try to do one thing and to be totally committed to it. This has its advantages. The biggest – I enjoy on everything I do – eating, playing or talk on the phone. Another large expenditure of time is the searching. Undoubtedly, each of us has been looking for something minutes or even hours. How much time wasting to looking for something that is not in place due to inattention – phone, keys, lighter, remote, glasses… Everything is a question on planning and priorities. You start from the most necessary things for your peace and to continue with the most important. One by one. The haste and dispersion will not help. I am not a supporter of the idea that the chaos on workplace stimulates creativity.

And finally do not forget to manage every single day with their thoughts and feelings. If we start with some calm smile and a clear mind of what we want from him ,everything will be ok.

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