Sometimes in me wake up a peculiar habit – the habit to looking back in the past. This trip always ends in the same way – I say to myself: “How stupid I was!” And then immediately I justify mine youthful and naturally – it is normal to make mistakes! Yet the questions in my head began to rain one after another.

Why then I not say this instead that, why I not do it on img_9118otherwise , or why not apologize to her best friend (maybe even today she would be such), why I did almost everything from stubborn and really I had need from this tattoo? Why, why, why … questions ,on who if I asked myself today, I would have the right answers. Whether? And yes, maybe I will definitely condemn myself. This led me to ask myself other questions. Have I grown up? Have I become more mature person? Could I waved a hand and to send summer without to be sad for autumn? Can I rejoice in the snow without murmur for that why someone is not cleaned outside in front of my home? Can I forgive on friend who I loved much ,but the time dividing us? Can I get back to where I failed and start again? Can I scratch off with pencil a word “error” and to understand that there are no mistakes, just falls and get up in the way of life?

And most importantly – can I forgive to myselve? To judge myself less?
To love more? … And again to do something stupid … just because my heart wants it! Can I?

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