Yet is summer


IMG_1007When August finished ,this is ends the summer. End of. From the first of September in facebook i see pictures of yellow autumn leaves, cups of tea with steaming , surrounded by hands in gloves. At all – hello, autumnal season.

Outside it is still above 30 degrees. Just as at the end of July. Even the evenings are not cold yet. September is summer month , from where you look it. The sea is sea, the leaves are green, some plan their vacation yet. Even for students there are half a month vacation. A half a month is an entire vacation, no doubt for it. Rather than look to the coming autumn, we can sojourn a little more from this summer. May be the last beach for this year is left behind you, still the parks, bicycles, picnics and outdoor concerts are in full force. There is a time for hot cup of tea on the window and books.
Now is summer. With a little luck, it will continue more long. May be to the end of October. Or so I want!

So do not yet turning off the summer! It is not polite to turn your back when it is still here, right?

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