Obstacles to our happiness


Many I wrote about the happiness and how to achieve it. Today I decided to write about what prevents us to be truly happy.

* Negative people
Nothing not tired more than people ,who are aways morose, always dissatisfied, always criticizing everything and everyone. Avoid them.

* Procrastination

You think by postponing unpleasant tasks you help for yourself? This actually harm. This inside of you does not give you peace. This constantly reminds you that there is something incomplete, something that sooner or later you will have to borrow if you want to really relax …

* Lies
It is tiring to lie. To pretend. To play. It’s also risky. One can entangled in lies that finally myself to believe in them. Lying requires effort, game and insincerity … About that she torment us…

* Talking about problems
IMG_7835Not that you have to ignore them, but deepening in them does not help. The more you talk about them, the bigger they seem. Until finally really seem prohibitive for authorization.

* Lack of sleep and relaxation
Good sleep and time for rest and the “recharge” are required! No matter what mood you are and how you are busy. If they are missing in your program, this will affect оn your good mood. Will miss also your energy.

* Ignoring own needs
We say that we do it out of love, but when you neglect yourself to please others, it is not love. It is pure masochism!

* Self-accusation
You must accept that all we wrong. Because, unfortunately, this is the most effective way to learn.

And… I’ll stop here! If you try to avoid negative people, lies, self-accusation and the other mentioned obstacles , promise you will start to feel much better and happier!

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