Minimizing the Pain of Tattoos


Did you always want to get a tattoo, but you were afraid of the pain cause by this process? Well, you should know that there are ways to minimize the pain cause by the making of a tattoo, so you can finally have the tattoo you always wanted. If you think that drinking something or taking any painkillers prior to making the tattoo will solve the pain problem, you should know that both ideas are very bad. Both alcohol and painkillers will thin the blood, which means that you will bleed more and the tattoo will take longer to be made. So, opt for going at the tattoo shop sober, and don’t use any drugs as well. Instead, drink as much water as possible, to have an excellent hydration level. This way, your skin will take the ink better and the tattooing process will be shorter.

Believe it or not, make sure you have a full stomach before getting a tattoo. You can even cheat with glucose, as this process will burn quite a large number of calories, so you need to have sufficient reserves in the body. So, make sure you eat well because it will help you build a better stamina. Also, do not lose sleep one night before you get a tattoo. When you are tired, you are more irritable and you will feel more pain, so do take a good night sleep and make sure you do this well rested. If you are going for a larger tattoo, you can take some breaks during the process, when you can enjoy some orange juice or chocolate bar. But, have in mind not to make these breaks last too long, because the skin will get quite swollen and will increase the pain sensation. You can even minimize the pain of a tattoo with a pleasant conversation. If the tattoo artist isn’t too talkative, you can bring a friend along to keep your mind off things. Still, don’t bring more than one friend, to avoid moving too much or being too anxious.


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