When the right time comes…

I’m a fighter. I struggle with time. I fight against things I don’t like from the beginning. And why? Because I’m scared when something doesn’t happen as I planned. I start to worry when I can’t organize my thoughts and don’t act in the best way for the situation. Have we ever wondered how many times we rebel against the world because we don’t get what we want? And how many times have we hurried, tried everything, just to happen as we want it?

Here is a valuable lesson I learned after all this: whatever is written to happen to me, sooner or later it will find its way to me and it will happen to me. Whatever is mine will come to me. And most importantly: when it is right – we will feel it, we will not have to challenge it. The truth is that life does not always go as we planned. Sometimes there will be moments when everything looks perfectly fine and the next one suddenly collapses. It may happen that we are pursuing the career we think we want and dream of, but in fact, we will realize that it is not for us at all. We will fall, we will get up, and then we will fall again – but the most important thing is to get up again. In moments like these, it is quite possible that we do not get answers to all the questions that go through our heads. We will wonder what is going on, where to go, what to do, and what is the right decision to make. We just have to believe – in ourselves and our intuition. We must move forward and repeat to ourselves that whatever is written to us, it will happen to us, no matter when – it will happen even if it is not when we have planned it! This applies to everything in our lives. While all this is happening to us, we will most likely be scared and confused. What is written to us may be delayed, it may take a detour and be temporarily lost, but if it is right, it will find its way to us. We don’t have to worry. We should not rethink everything unnecessarily. We need to focus on the future. We must tell ourselves that we are worthy and deserve the best. We will fight and hope that the good things are yet to come. We need to know that we will not always have all the answers, but that does not mean that we will not get what we want. On the contrary – what we want, we will have. But when the right time comes.

Let’s stop wanting everything to happen fast and to strain with unnecessary impatience, stress and anxiety. Let’s just wait, believe and hope that what awaits us will come when we are ready to accept it and let it into our lives.

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