The things, who we do not think we are willing to tolerate ,but…

Each of us has a girlfriend married to a great mule. And there is no power to force her to leave him, although before years ago that woman would not have tolerated such an attitude.

What’s happening? Why are there women who seem to do not respect their consciousness and emotions over the years, and reconcile in with worse and worse attitude? What stops these women from saying “this is the end” and return their life, self-esteem and smile again? If everything was fine at the beginning of the relationship, and after some time the things have changed ,the strength of the woman is exhausted over time. It tries to fight, but with time her forces are reduced and it stops resisting. All of them see that she needs change, but she does not have the strength to fight. If a new source of strength and inspiration emerges on the horizon – a new man or a good girlfriend, they could be the support on the path to change. So the woman will have a chance to get out of the situation. And in order not to fall into such a situation yourself, do not lose your senses of good and bad attitude, of acceptable and unacceptable behavior and of what love can hurt you.

Discover love with your partner every day and do not leave yourself in routine for years.

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