The real Lady

How do you know the real lady? She will definitely have these qualities:

Lady’s behaviour
No matter what happens around her, she behaves like a lady. We all know at least one woman who seems to be transformed when she is in a bigger company – she becomes noisy, especially conversational, her stories are always exaggerated, and her gestures are exaggerated and unnatural. True ladies do not behave like this. They do not want to attract attention with similar behaviour. A real lady do not speaks only empty words, just to hear her voice. She has ideas, personal opinion, and the ability to talk. She is also an excellent “adversary” in the disputes. In short: her intelligence is clear in conversation. Because there are times when you have to talk, there are times when you have to listen. But when she speaks, she speaks with confidence. And she knows she has to keep his word. That’s why she never talks bullshit and does not give empty promises.

Lady’s style

The real lady always looks neat and elegant, but she is not obsessed with her appearance. Her beauty looks natural, it seems like to shine effortlessly. Her face is not hidden under 10 layers of makeup, and her accessories are tastefully selected. She does not need any strange and ridiculous shoes ,with that she can not even walk. She also dresses stylish and her clothing is never vulgar. The fashion comes and goes, but she does not follow them blindly, but only takes those trends that fit her personal style.

Ladie’s love life

If a woman with class is in love with you, do not take it for granted. She wants to be with you, but she can live without you. You can say goodbye to her if you start doing it. She knows her worth and has the right amount of self-confidence. If you do not appreciate her, if you behave rudely and disparagingly, she will not hesitate to leave.

So, men, if you have such a woman beside yourself, be careful. You can easily lose the greatest wealth in your life!



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