To marry was never a priority for me. For this I probably did not think much about wedding matters and everything else related to them. But today I talked to a girlfriend on the subject and I decided to share some of our reflections with you. For many people the wedding is a way to spend a bag of money. But not all weddings are horror movies.

And here we are at the wedding. Why we want a wedding? Because of the ceremony you will give to yourself, and most of all, because of the wonderful emotions. Oh, come on! Did not you deserve to see yourself in a wedding dress like a princess? And even if you’re a very ordinary girl, do not you miss an extraordinary moment? Well, if it is so – let’s get dressed once in your life really unusual. Wedding is a project. What will be depends on you. From you and him. The wedding is mostly about you two at a time when no one but you is as important. Watch out! It is very important how you perceive and what you want for yourself, and if you want a little, you will get exactly what you asked for. And do not be wedding1angry with anyone about it. The wedding is mostly a project that takes you out of the everyday life. Just imagine – a few months, along with all the tasks in the work, add a few more strange, interesting, entertaining tasks – discuss guests, places, invitations, walk for dress and costume samples, guest thoughts, menu thoughts, thoughts about a wedding journey, how to decorate the tables, watch offers for pubs, choose a church, choose a priest… It’s cruel! And the coolest thing is that everywhere people smile at you when you tell them you’re going to get married and you come to them on this occasion. And the wedding must to be not necessarily huge. It is not necessarily supreme and pointlessly expensive. You have the chance to invent it yourself. Planning a wedding has a profound meaning that makes you stop for a moment and think. Several important things. To whom would you offer to be your best man? Who could be your example in life? To who do you admire and why? The wedding will help you stop for a moment and think of a vow to your husband. For a few words wedding2to him, which are a wonderful opportunity to realize, why are you together, what brings you, why do you love this man. These are important things.


The wedding is also for your parents. Just imagine them, how happy they will be to see their daughter in a bridal dress. But most of all the wedding is for you. Tell her “Yes”! Say “yes” to yourself.

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