Vice or qualitie?

“I love you, but I love myself more!” It’s an expression ,who you don’t want to hear and to say. Yet it is a sign ,that it’s time to be happy and to discover true freedom in your thoughts.

There is something in me, however, which makes me to love myself, but also to want to give my whole world to the one I think is the right. And I can not decide what is this – my vice or one of my finest qualities. I’m not sure if this is tantamount to dedication or dependence on a shared feeling ,but I know that can conquer you and make you fly or fall very low. Because in the sec ,in which you start to love someone everything gets very different. It is possible to discover your new self and to be the happiest of the world or perhaps in the process you can lose yourself. And this is one of the most terrible things in the world. The truth is, if something makes you happy and you like yourself, it does not matter with who you are. May be alone, have your coffee on the couch or you are in a nice company or sip a glass of wine with a loving gaze. And again, if you want someone to really love you, learn to love yourself. If you want to be respectful and happy, learn to respect yourself and be proud of what you have achieved. Being a mother, a manager, a programmer, or an artist is something you’ve accomplished alone. Because every day there is at least one thing that can make you feel proud of the life you are leading.

The world is not only black or only white and it proves to me every day. If today you are happy and you get everything you dreamed about, then tomorrow it may not be the case. There is nothing wrong with that. It does not mean, however, that you have to live under tense and think what may go wrong. No! Just get into the stream. Relive yourself to the things that happen to you. And, please, no plans. Because the plans have the wonderful ability to fail with banging and crashing.

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