In everything you can find a beauty

I walked along the shore, watching how the waves come quietly and go. The sea was so calm and so blue that, when I looking at it, my eyes seemed to sink into it. And I thought how simplistic and tranquil it was in the view around, and at the same time my soul was flying over the waves.

What tranquility … What beauty … In everything you can find a beauty , if your soul can see it. This sea idyll revives the soul, gives to it to take fresh air and to go back to life. And with people is on the same way, as with the waves – they come and they go. Sometimes they are tumultuous and noisy, they break, ruin and leave wounds … Sometimes they are quiet, almost imperceptible, but they still leave traces. Deep and lasting. Yes, people are like the waves, they come and go, but there probably is the point of everything. We always lose, but we always wait, somewhere, somebody, something … And that’s the charm of life – waiting for the next wave and letting our soul to fly.

Looking at the sea, seeing the beauty always and everywhere and going forward – invaluable. How much beauty have in the world… how much beauty!

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