Some my reflections about life

Life, life, you are so incredibly sometimes! I do not understand you, but I admire you. I admire you how cleverly but categorically you put us in different situations that can not be interpreted unambiguously.

You made us meetings , that bring us to deep reflection on the choices we have ever made. Delicately , in years, you remind us that every choice has its consequences, whose purpose we are unable to see right now. I admire you, life, because you inevitably make us act on your whim. I admire you. Because you keep us in shape, and thank you for all the people I met on my way, thank you for all the experiences she has given me so far. For my seclusion, my love, the challenges, my insights. For the illusions , for the old and new hopes, for my bad and my good days. About the doubts, the sleepless years, the tears. But mostly for my choices. Because it is now confirmed that they were right!

Yes, I am happy that I was able to experience all your trials. And I’m sure I will survive after the next. Because I know that after all pain comes joy! This is the truth! Live your life and rejoice in what you have, thanks to it!

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