А blessing in disguise

Mistakes, that we make on the our way are valuable lessons. They build our character and help  to our growth. When we are young, however, we accept these mistakes differently. But they are much instructive. They help us to wise up and build us as adults with experience. Here are the most valuable mistakes ,who we make in the love before the age of 20 years and turn into experience.

Satisfaction with the relationship that has no future – When you’re young, still believe in love stories. Believe in the chances and in the only one. During this period is much easier to fall into the trap of relationship without a future. Your interests are fundamentally different. But you staying in this relationship because you think ,that you are inlove and believe that the love is the only thing necessary to have a happy relationship. Once you pass these relations – you receive valuable lesson. A mistake ,who never again would not be repeated. In this regard I can not but mention infidelity. When you feel the disappointment of infidelity in these years, you learn how fragile are human relationships. On this way ,you learn to not rely on other to be happy and not to believe unreservedly.

It’s hard to grow up! But over time we realize that the mistakes we make are good for us. As people say – a blessing in disguise!

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