Честита Баба Марта!


Today I will tell you about a Bulgarian tradition. Bulgarians celebrate today the custom “Baba Marta (Grandma Marta)”, which is one of the most revered Bulgarian customs with rich tradition. On this day everyone gives to their loved ones special amulet called martenitza for health and force next year.

On March 1, people, trees and animals are decorating with martenitsa made of twisted white and red thread. The red color, according to popular belief, has the power of the sun and gives vitality to every creature. It is the color of vitality, health and love, of the victory ,of life and courage ,of light at the rising and setting sun. The white color symbolizes purity, innocence and joy. In the Bulgarian tradition white is a sign of beauty too. This custom is considered unique Bulgarian tradition, although in a slightly altered form present in Romania too. There martenitsa called “martsishor” and worn only by women, while in Northern Greece are wear only from childrens as a bracelet ,made of twisted white and red thread. Martenitsa can be take off at the first sight of a stork and to put on a blooming tree.

It remains only to say: Честита Баба Марта!

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