Fear of devilry


“I do not believe in these things, but … I wonder sometimes whether it is possible someone to did me a bad magic  … Because from some time I do not have a luck.” A question that comes to mind on almost everyone. Especially when “something our lame” and feel the absence of searches luck.img_7890

Fear of magic made … ancient and modern. Known long ago, but recently widely discussed. This fear has crept quietly and conquered us on “parts” ,while some day has taken a stable place in our thoughts. One day we even are sure that “there is something …”. This suspicion “infecting us” gradually, step by step. When we look more to what we do not have, rather than on the gifts from our lives that are always present. When we begin more and more to regret and less and less to have hope, more to put up and still less to see the sense. Fear of bad magic is the fear of foreign malicious intervention in our lives. We contribute to the emergence of this fear. We assume that it is possible. Allow it in our thoughts, feelings and actions. And we choose the role of victims.

We must fight the darkness and strive increasingly to light. No matter how small it is, to seek and to find in ourselves and in every person and event.

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