The silence

I like Buddhists. For them, silence is accepted and deeply appreciated. Sometimes silence can tell much more … for the human, for the situation ,for the things. If you’re interested, of course.

IMG_0895Sometimes I like the quiet. And all people talk just to not be quietly. I doubt ,that have a people ,who do not know that communication is no just words. Information is perceived with help on many other means. I feel that often wasting energy to talk about nonsense. To ask for things that are not our interest and to answer questions that we are not sure that we know the answer, but we doing it “just because it’s rude to keep silent.” So you do not feel guilt and not feel embarrassing, not rubbing their hands in regret that you do not know what to say! Not necessary! Silence sometimes gives much more information than any noise and sounds arranged in a meaningful or totally meaningless phrases. I like people to be real, not just fun. Of course, I like entertaining people, but the difference between the one and the other is that with the real you can have fun and to be silent fully.

Just relax and skip the expectations of society! By writing this ,I trying to overcome them too. If “to socialize” means only “to talk with people about politics and nonsense,” I’d rather not do it.

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