Breakfast and sport – a wonderful start to the day

800px-Oranges_and_orange_juiceThere is much debate whether it is better to have breakfast in the morning or not. Many people skip breakfast because they do not have time and rush for work or want in this way to limit eating and to lose weight. The truth is that there is always a time for everything, it is important desire.

Breakfast is a very important part of the diet for the day. But to prepare breakfast in the morning , often the time is not enough , we are sleepy and are therefore often replacing it with something from the nearest diner. But the food there is with questionable quality. The best breakfast is one that themselves provide in home. When we have breakfast together, this can help build healthy family relationships and better eating habits. When the delicious breakfast become in something of a tradition, it provides proximity and comfort from the morning. It does not have it to cost a lot of effort or time – just we must to know what is good food for us. So I like to start my day – with a glass of freshly squeezed juice and sweet cereal with raisins, for example. Also in my morning menu always present one – two pieces of black chocolate. It fills me with enough energy for my morning workout. As we all know before training is mandatory acceptance of a certain amount of food that gives the necessary “fuel” for run a successful exercise. I personally prefer the jogging. From experience I can tell – the running is great exercise and a great way to maintain tone and figure! This is the easiest and free sport on outdoors. Not required nothing more than a dose of desire, a little perseverance and comfortable outfit.

The two very important things – breakfast and sport should wear is pleased! Enjoy the summer because it is at an end. Make the snacking and jogging in nature in daily routine and so your day will begin more enjoyable.

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