To be a mother is responsibility

3Recently, more and more often I hear about women ready to be mothers. I do not know whether before there was so preorders on the subject or just now ,when I’m a mother, I began to notice them. I noticed that most would-be moms say they have not found the right man, but they are ready for children.
After such a statement, I ask myself: When a woman finds she is ready? Over time , we accepted as normal cohabitation without marriage. After that the marriage between same sex. Now we agree to raise our children without a father. Let’s not kid ourselves – the lack of one of the parents always have a reflected. Come to think of – for any other profession, position, etc. in our lives we pass through exams, psychological tests , we are educate , we are studying ,but no exam for the greatest responsibility – to be a mother. We rely on our innate instinct, but there are many cases which show that it is not sufficient. Mothers kill their children. Mothers sell their offspring. Mothers are not a good example for kids. Even very young children often become mothers.
Parenting is a job and is a lifetime. And if one day someone ask your child what works his mother ,i am sure ,that you will be truly happy ,if he answered: her profession is “Mother”.

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