Toxic Relationship

It is difficult to understand that we are in a toxic relationship. Reaching this conclusion sometimes turns out to be quite a difficult task. But there are signs that can help us realize that we are in a relationship without an outlet that exhausts us.

The most common sign is that your partner in the relationship exercises dominance over you. The reasons may be different. There are people who want to feel like liders and do not perceive the idea that in the relationship the partners have to be on an equal footing. Others feel insecure and feel better when they dominate over the other. If your partner dictates all the rules in the relationship, it’s sure your relationship is toxic. This behavior is often accompanied by a lack of trust. And if you complain about the lack of freedom in the relationship, next step is a scandal in which he accuses you of not evaluating everything he does for you. Do you feel guilty in such a situation? Do you think he is right when he limits you? Toxic connections are often easily visible from outside, but not from within. The views of your loved ones could also be helpful, but the most important voice you need to listen to is yours.

If the relationship makes you feel overwhelmed, if your opinion does not matter and is not honored, you can be sure your relationship is toxic.


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