The risk is worth it

Living risky means to live. If you do not live risky, you do not live. Lives flourish only in the dangers. It never blossoms in security, but only in insecurity.

If you start to live in security, you become in something like a stagnant puddle. Your energy is no longer moving. Then you are afraid because one never knows how to enter the unknown. And why take the risk? Known is safer. But then you become obsessed with the familiar. You are constantly bored with him, you get tired, you feel unhappy with him, but he still seems familiar and comfortable. At least you feel safe. Right? The unknown makes you tremble. The very idea of the unknown is enough to make you feel unsafe. That’s why there are only two types of people in the world: those who want to live comfortably and people who want to live. The second type choose to live risky because they can feel really alive, when there is a risk.

You choose what type you want to be. But do not forget – win, only the one who risks! Sometimes it’s hard to believe that. But it is true. Just try and you will understand!


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