Be brave

There were sneakers. Nike for 159 euro. I will not give 160 euro for sneakers. I’ll wait for them to get cheaper. But they did not become cheaper. I watched them for months, honestly I tell you. Finally, they simply waved the model without reducing them, and I was left with the wait. But I learned my lesson.

And he is that you do not have to wait and if you really liked something, just take it and do not wait for it to fall from the sky. Do not wait for a promotion, do not wait for a better offer. I learned that neither happiness nor the sneakers came to you from promotion. Most often they appear, they can wait a bit, but then disappear. It is your choise to take or not take. If you really like something, you will not like it more if it’s on a promotion. You will not like it anymore because of any other circumstances that will make it more accessible or more secure. Just do not wait. Life is more than just a pair of sneakers, but the principle is the same as with these sneakers. It offers us a job, a new boyfriend, a new road to work, a new road in principle, a new hobby, a different hobby, a new sofa…. I can continue to tommorow. But what I want to say is: Do not think. Act it! Trust your intuition. Because this is always and certainly the right decision. The intuitive solution. Something that does not obey logic.  May be was happen to you to have been convinced of something, even though everyone around you told, that you were not right, but when you not cheat on yourself ,you understand that you were really right. The problem is that you are often afraid to listen to yourself. Your intuition seems too bold to follow. I did not take my sneakers because they were expensive and I could live without them. Perfectly supported arguments. But! I obviously liked them and sometimes it’s enough to do something. You do not need to write a dissertation to protect your wishes. Now I’m sorry I did not take them. If I see them today, I’d give 300.

And you know why I’d give 300? Because no one has ever promised us guarantees for anything. And because nothing is guaranteed, and because nothing is certain, the only thing you can really count on is to rely on yourself. And the decisions you make and the intuition that leads and keeps you. Be brave. Listen to your heart. Count on yourself.

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