Еmotional intimacy

Intimacy is a very complex concept, because each of us understands intimacy differently. For many intimacy is synonymous with sexuality, but for others much more important is the emotional intimacy in which the soul is completely exposed. That is why I decided today to write about it – emotional intimacy.

It is the foundation of the trust, comfort


and tranquility that you should feel with your partner. Sometimes we think it frightening to show vulnerable and weak,

but honesty is important to every relationship. In addition, for many, emotional intimacy is the most important thing and should be built before every other intimacy. If one of both (and sometimes both) have a need first to be acquainted and accepted, then the other should try to build such intimacy between them. Emotional knowledge of the partner is not something to be overlooked. When partners share their most intimate thoughts, feelings and ideas, they create a strong relationship with each other. The truth, however, is that many people are worried about sharing what they want from their partner, especially in sexual terms. Often partners do not talk about their desires because they are afraid they will offend the other, misunderstand them or cause some awkward situation. But the fear of being yourself has no place in a relationship. You have to learn to talk openly about your desires.

Communication is important to every type of intimacy, and if you understand the other’s thinking, you will eventually feel closer than ever.


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