Second chance

As broken glass … It was the second chance. Glass, which will forever remain smeared with glue. Because even give a second chance to someone, your relationship is already brocken, changed ,another. Draw the line and start over. But it is repaired and therefore not will be particularly tight. So they say… Me? I believe that in the smooth lives in which everything gets perfectly from the first time, there is something sinister. Behind them lies something more frightening.

The second chance is return. To get back, you pass through a round. Go, you grow up, back. The second chance is a for grown people. You can not say ,that your life nice, if you do not had a wound on your knee, if you not wanted forgiveness, if you not fell from skates, skating, high heels or if you not promise to yourself that this is the end, but with your heart and mind ,you were still with the same person at the same place. All this is a second chance. Second things are meaningful and rationalized.  If you give a second chance on love ,you already have proof that this IS love. If is true love ,will smile and tell you – “Here I am.”

Without a second chance no way to know where are you. There is no way to know ,that she / he is the only for you. Second Chance is a manifestation of the divine in man.

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