Christmas shopping

With the approaching holidays, except the hard work in Santa’s workshop, beginning a Christmas bazaars, we rush with buying gifts and with wasting money. Each of us has a friend who falls under the category “shop-a-holic” ,or in other words addicted to shopping without restrictions. We have to admit that, especially around the holidays ,everything looks like a very good promotion.

Tempting advertisements and even posts of familiar social networks constantly entice us to spend money. When we adding lack of will, the picture looks like a guy with Christmas spirit and empty pockets. To protect ourselves from unnecessary spending, I made a list of tips that you can apply. For starters, immediately begin to exercise self-discipline. Think about the purchases you’ve made in the last month. Do you use them? If the answer is “Yes”, then you are reasonable buyer, but if the answer is “No”, you has to work over your choices during shopping. A good way to save money is to not buy goods that are “in the height” of fashion. Last year’s models clothes, phones, perfumes, etc. are often cheaper and not much different from the latest on the market. Smartphones are a great example for that. Another variant of cost planning is to make a list of needed Christmas items and gifts. It is important to edit the list several times and to put a budget that does not exceed. So our costs will be planned and we will not wonder where she went our salary.

As much as you have to spend or save on holidays, do not miss the most important advice – Spend time with your loved ones ,that will delight them more than any gift!

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