Like a taxi


Racing today is something normal. I feel like a taxi. Taxi , on who not interfere him from driving fast on over short distances and his tip is equals on smiles. The more mileage I pass and smiles I get – more satisfaction.

I often wonder how I manage to find time for so much things. From stores – from here – pet eggs , from there – meat , from elsewhere – bread and from a third – vegetables … Next – laundry.  Food in the oven. In this time – I on the computer finishing a new article , facebook, email and a hundred more things ,while run to the kitchen and back. On the road I collect toys, cups, paper sheets… I do not idle. Like that I succeed. Somehow. It is important to have a few minutes of my morning in which to gather my thoughts and to make a plan. I feel like I’m in the middle of a roundabout. But not those in the parks. Well, sometimes for joy to them too. I learned to sleep quickly. To get up early and stay up late. I learned to have time for everything. An endless marathon … And I wondered … Is it better to be a bystander or to raced past him? To move at a frantic pace, or to be unnoticed?

From time to time I try to pull the reins of my horse. And I hope ,while I race, not to miss anything important on my way …

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