Types of women who are very rare

So … I decided to continue the theme of women. There are tons of clich├ęs in the world that relate to women. Waiting for us to buck with hours, we spent at least four hours in shopping … With this in mind, I present you several types of women that exist, but are so rare that in some areas are considered to be a hoax.

***The woman who buys the first thing ,who she is tried – I do not know if there is a woman who wants to have only one choice and even img_7762to buy really the first sweater who she is tried. Each of us prefer to try other options … just like that, to be sure.***

***The woman who always arrives on time and is ready for exactly 15 minutes – there is no such thing. Not because we do it on purpose, but because we simply maintain the maxim – or I’ll be beautifull, or I’ll be on time. And very often things happen that are beyond our control – like the outfit, for example.***

***Woman to whom always is warm – whatever I do, my feet are always cold. But this in summer is a plus.***

***The woman who does not pass through all your clothes when you buy something new – you know that when you buy something new ,want to see with who of our clothes will looks best. Then begins a fitting … and so every time.***

***The woman who always knows what to wear – yes, we know, but we’re not sure until we try another 10 things before that.***

Yes, there are many things on which women look alike. But of course, every woman is different and has its personal qualities that make it unique.

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