12I hate all existing clichés about forgiveness. Forgiveness is majeure for anyone who yearns for justice. The idea that the one who has hurt us, can go unpunished after that ,who he did us, causing pain. We want a tie. We want the person who has hurt us, to experience the same thing ,like us.

Forgiveness is like a betrayal of himself. Anger becomes a part of us. We are angry because we want fairness and we believe it will bring us favor. But anger does not understand that everything is gone and the damage is done. He says that revenge will fix everything. But being angry, it’s like constantly tinker in bleeding wound, believing that by we will prevent the appearance of a scar. When in us raging emotions, forgiveness is impossible. We want to forgive, because in our mind we understand that this is the only a healthy choice. We want to be free, calm, peaceful – all that who forgiveness offers. But most importantly for forgiveness, which nobody has told us is that it will not fix anything. It will not remove the pain, with which until now we have lived and not will give us instant relief. Finding inner peace is long and difficult road. Forgiveness means taking personal responsibility – not for destroyed but for his recovery. Decision on how to bring our inner peace. Forgiveness is a decision to continue to live with our scars.

Forgiveness does not mean ,that we give up. It means that we have the strength to move forward. Forgiveness is the understanding that our scars ,not will determine our future.

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