I’ve spent all my life on proving how strong I am. To proving that I have the power to be a woman, a mother, a wife, a fighter. I kept myself from friends, traitors, men, women, and people who wants to hurt me. I did not want anyone to see me vulnerable and fragile. What I am actually.

tearsI did not want to cry when my heart was broken. I refused to cry when I did not achieve what I wanted. Now I want to cry. I pray that the tears will flow over my face when I hear the awkward truth. I really want to cry when I’m wrong and immerse myself in the embrace of the sadness. I want to cry when I watch a movie – deeply shattering and emotional. I see myself on elegant coffee table, on which stay a glass of wine and a box of napkins, ready to comfort the sudden pain in my heart. And now I’m not afraid of tears. Because the tears unleash the pain, then thankfully they wash it away from the soul and the body. So… cry, girl, do not hold back your tears. They make you stronger, more confident and real.

I’ve heard to say to me, “You’re a strong woman!” I’m not! I am a woman like everyone else. When I cry, I want to cry when I fight – nothing can stop me and I fight for victory ,when it hurts me -it hurts deadly. Then only the tears become an ointment that quickly cope with the wounds!

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