img_1736I live in a new neighborhood from recently and do not know all the neighbors. I’m not curious, I’m interested in people’s lives ,unless something, who very worth or also if It concerns me.

I have some neighbors who live near my home. I do not even know exactly where, but continually pass around , sometimes by car, sometimes on foot, and when they walk foot – that’s the best part of my day. These otherwise unknown to me people have become something so important about my day. They walk always smiling, hand in hand and dressed youthful, but they are not in the first youth. I learned , inadvertently ,that they have three children who are married and I do not know how many grandchildren. She is like the sun, always smiling and always finds the exact words to greet me, to talk to me a few minutes and to lift my spirit. And he is more restrained in appearance, but with such love watching in her, so tenderly holds her hand and I think ,that I exactly would call him “gentleman.” I want to have many more people such as my neighbors, because they are the salt on Earth! Can not every day to get away with dour people , who watching you with unseeing eyes , who are not taught to greet, have not heard the words ” good morning “,” good night “…” Hello “,” How are you? “. As though if they say one “hello”, will drop their the price or will lose money, I don’t know…

She and He – the suns, thus I call them those my neighbors. There will always be glad to see them on my street, still holding hands, smiling, radiant and looks at people with their faces – suns … How is easy to return the smile of human?!

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