Loves me or loves me not

Dear girls, you’ve probably encountered with men who make you ask yourself this question – may be unintentionally or may be permanently stayed in your head.

I from long time forgot this onslaughts and frankly I would not advise to wasting your time in search of IMG_1290explanations, evidence and reasons to become aware, if someone loves you or not. Yes, the love in your life should be like breathing – spontaneous, intuitive, but vital. In a nutshell – something without which we can not. And I not just talk about love with partner, but to everything we do. But if we assume that love is like a taking a breath, then we can choose how to do it – deeply and fully breathe in and out, or superficially – to going with the flow. Both are love, breathing without which we can not, but one is conscious, and the other just happens. Yet both options are better than the eternal internal questions – loves me or loves me not … If you ask yourself this question even once – better not looking for the answer.

If someone makes you think about it and do not show you the obvious answer with every move ,on every single day, better – do not breathe with him.

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