Challenge yourself


springThere are days when you want to jump into your shoes and get out – as quicker the better. You wait with great impatience to get out of your daily “events” to go in the fresh air. To feel exactly this sip of oxygen you need most. It is urgent to feel the renewing nature right now, in the spring.

Because the new season always means a new beginning. When we feel Spring, we know that we need something new! To rediscover ourselves again and to recharge fully. Get on an unusual route. Intentionally forgot his phone for a day. Just try something new! We must cause our senses. So it is said – if you want something new to happen to you , you have to do something you have not done so far. Well, do it this spring! You got two more months. And do not justify yourself with the weather – that the time is not enough ,that April is cold, that you had spring fatigue, that it is not your season… Challenge yourself in the spring! Change what you are postponing for another time! Time is yours! Ideas are personal! Make the first step now, in the spring day, as I do planned to do it!

Each season it carries its characteristic features. What is my feeling of spring? To enjoy the change! To smell the meadow after the first mowing and to wet my legs after the first warm rain… Such … simple things. I still do not know what will happen to me, but I’m sure it will happen soon and it will be unexpected! I will challenge myself!



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