img_5045I admit without shame – I cry on movies and sometimes on songs or from sad look of a homeless cat, hiding from big bad dog. I do not know whether it is from hormone levels, or that I’m just a big crybaby.

I think people who cry at movies or stories have a the very important sense of empathy. And we must to agree that not everyone is capable of it. Many of us do not care about the outside world. They take what they want and pass happily through life. Do you care for others requires tremendous strength. Becouse the life is not always a bowl of cherries. I believe that is never superfluous you to interested in the feelings of another person, even he was a fictional character in some movie.  This shows that you have a heart. People cry on movies not only because of plot twists, but because identify yourself in the character from the movie. When some dialogue reminiscent of words ,spoken by us, make us look back in time to their own pain or happiness.

Most likely the claim that someone ,who cry on movies is strong, will seem ridiculous, but no more emotional power than this. Because anyone can be rough and evil, but empathetic are little.

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